Good with Outstanding features

In March 2014, Bedford College was inspected by Ofsted. The highlights are listed below and the full report is also available to download.

  • Students’ outcomes in a variety of settings and programmes are good. 
  • The proportion of students who complete qualifications successfully in English and mathematics, has significantly improved and is now high. 
  • Teachers have excellent links with industry and use these effectively to develop high levels of industry-related skills, which prepare students skilfully for the world of work. 
  • Many students progress well onto employment or apprenticeships. Progression into higher-level courses both internally and to higher education institutions is high. 
  • The large majority of teaching is good or better and is particularly strong in the vocational craft subjects.
  • Support for students is good; particularly the support teachers and managers provide for vulnerable students. 
  • The vocational learning experience for students age 14 to 16 is exceptional. 
  • The college provides an excellent environment for learning and resources are very good. 
  • Senior managers and governors set a clear strategic direction for the college and staff share their ambition and high expectations. 
  • Leaders and managers work successfully with employers and external agencies to provide a highly responsive curriculum to meet local and regional needs.

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In 2018, our residential provision at Shuttleworth College was graded 'Outstanding' by Ofsted. The highlights are listed below and the full report is also available to download.

  • All of the staff have the highest expectations of students. There is a college-wide collective approach to supporting the students. As a result, attending residence leads to sustained improvement in the lives of the residential students.
  • Students feel safe. Parents say that their children are safe. A variety of mechanisms are available to students to raise concerns or receive support.
  • Students provide exceptional feedback about their experiences. They make social, emotional and academic progress as a result of attending the college.
  • Transitions into the service are extremely well managed.
  • The students consistently behave well. They say that bullying is not an issue for them or anyone that they know at the college.
  • An especially strong culture of research thrives at the college. The staff are able to cite relevant research findings and show how they translate these into practice. Senior managers enable a culture of embracing research as a means to improve the quality of the service.
  • There is highly effective use of monitoring and improvement.
  • There is a wide range of opportunities for students to contribute to and influence life at the college.
  • The staff are highly student-focused. The staff know the students extremely well and provide sensitive and individualised support.
  • There is a strong focus on equality and diversity.

» Download the full report

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